San Miguel Island, Azores: Sete Cidades

It is our Anniversary today! We purchased 2 two-day tickets for the Yellow Bus for 36 euros, and set off to explore the western part of the island today and we will do the eastern part tomorrow. Of course the Sete Cidades lakes were breathtaking! Two separate lakes in the crator of a volcano, one green and one blue.  Legand has it that a princess fell in love with a shepherd and the families forbid them from being together, so their tears filled the lakes.  The drive around the loop is beautiful, with the hills so green and ocean so blue, contrasted by the black lava rock.  The Hydrangia is the common flower here and grows wild along the roads acting like a fence in most places.  The dairy cattle dot the landscape…the cheese is really good here, probably because the cows are so happy.  When we got around to Sete Cidades, the driver told us we could go up in this abandoned hotel for the best view.  That was a trip! But what a view!  There are lots of pics, but enjoy the recap of today’s highlights.

One thought on “San Miguel Island, Azores: Sete Cidades

  1. Keblar September 30, 2017 / 8:28 am

    Happy anniversary…love you guys. Kirk do something nice for Trish. A trip around the world doesn’t count.


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