San Miguel Island, Azores: Ribeira Grande, Caldera Vehla and Lagoa Do Fogo

Today’s adventure included day two of the Yellow Bus Tour.  We headed out of Ponta Delgada and headed north to Ribeira Grande, which is the 2nd largest city on this island.  There are fumaroles where they cook a local specialty of meat, sausages, and vegetables for 6 hours and serve up in the local restaurants.  We went up to Caldera Vehla to see the beautiful water falls and hot springs.  There are two pools, one that is 100 degrees and the other is 70 degrees.  The sulpher spring was 140 degrees and even the ground was hot around it.  Everything there was the most lush and green I think I have ever seen.  We drove on up to the top of the island to look down over Lagoa Do Fogo (Lake of Fire), which is a lake inside the cone of the volcano.  The vistas from there were so beautiful!  

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