Adulting: Laundry Day

So, when you have limited wardrobe because you are traveling light, you eventually run out of clean socks and chonies.  On one of our “let’s see what’s down this street” walks, Kirk noticed a really nice, modern laundromat.  So, this this afternoon, we gathered up our clothes and headed out.  On the way there, we noticed a lot of clothes hanging from the windows and balconies…it must be laundry day for everyone today.

At the Lavanardia do Infante, the machines have the soap and softner in them and dispense automatically.  You put your money in the main vending machine, pick your washer, water temperature and start.  We were the only ones there in the beginning, then it became a party!  There was free wifi, so I got some posting done.  We met another couple from the states, Leonard & Elizabeth, who just arrived in Porto, but have been traveling through some of the places we are heading, so we exchanged some tips.

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