Malaga, Spain: Waterfront and Malagueta Beach

Since I have to try to stay out of the sun and Kirk loves the beach, the compromise is we head to tbe water in the evening.  We check out the Roman amphitheatre and cut through a beautiful park to stay in the cool of the shade.  Crossing over, we realize we are at the Malaga Cruise Terminal.  We also see a line of booths lining both sides of the walkway.  For the months of September and October, they have this marketplace. 

We wandered through this gammit of booths that went on for 200 yards. I did pause a couple of times to look at some cute baby things for my new granddaughter, due any day now.  I also saw some cute things for my girls… but when you spent the better part of a year getting rid of stuff, and you’re living out of a backpack, you learn to shop mentally. 

As we turned down towards the lighthouse, we noticed the fish jumping. We kind of wished we had a pole. A pretty good size Mediterranean Ferry cruised in to the port. The sun was setting, so we headed on to the beach.  Malagueta Beach looked like it would be a pretty happening place during the day, with cabanas, chairs, etc. for rent and the beach offering a selection of food and beverage venders all along the way.

On our way back home, we passed by the bull ring where they held a big event just a week ago.  It is late now, so we jump in a cab and head home. Tomorrow is moving day, so we have laundry and packing to do.  Milan, here we come!

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