Nazare: More Than Waves

Nazare is known as the place with the biggest waves in the world, but it is also like stepping back in time.  The people of Nazare are keeping the traditions and customs alive here. 

There is a market every morning where the locals go to get their fresh vegetables, baked goods, meats, nuts, fruits, and fish.  We learned we can go every morning and for only a few euro, we can get a delicious, fresh salad, chopped and ready to eat along with some baggets. We found the store across the street has fresh, hot Pastel de Nata for .35 euro, which is the best price for the best ones we’ve had so far.  

The women dress in traditional skirts with seven layers of petticoats.  They filet the fish and lay them out out drying racks on the beach, which we can see from our balcony.  You can wander down the street and see the women knitting and sewing items for sale.  The men are painting miniature fishing boats. Everyone is friendly and greets you, but you are not hounded or bothered while you look. 

The sand on the beach is clean and beautiful.  The pace here is slower and the sunsets have been breathtaking.  We will definitely come back and spend time here again!

One thought on “Nazare: More Than Waves

  1. deahh October 9, 2017 / 10:04 am

    Sounds delicious!!


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