Stroll to the Beach

As a surfing family, it is mandatory to check out surfing locations and conditions wherever you are.  Kirk & I took Tram 1, which runs along the Douro River close to the mouth and the breakwater.  From here we continued in the same direction, past a gathering of fisherman solving the problems of the day more than fishing.  Proceeding out on to the breakwater, we observed a group of men in their speedos having a heated discussion, perhaps comparing their swimming abilities or who looked best… 

After walking along the beach, almost to the Cruise Terminal, we decided to head back via bus (500 series) back to the Alfandego Nova building.  From there, we decided to walk back up via the street rather than the stairs.  We can honestly state, that by comparison, both routes are equally painful.  After all the walking we did, a glass of Port on our terrace while watching the sun set was heavenly!

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