W & J Graham’s Port Lodge

From the terrace of our home in Porto, we can look across the Douro River at all the wine caves.  Since Porto is known for their Port Wine, we really needed to go check them out. There are many over there, but I had to go check out my “name sake” – Graham’s.  Brothers William & John Graham came from Scotland to start their Port company in 1820.  My paternal Grandfather was John Graham.  Kirk & I took a water taxi across and then walked up the hill to the lodge.  It was beautiful and the wine was delicious.

Afterwards, we walked back down to the gondolas and rode them up to the top of the bridge and walked back across.  The views from there looking down the Douro River and across Porto were magnificent!

Most of the buildings, from Graham’s down, are wine caves, cooperages, or have something to do with production of Port.
On the water taxi
Our water taxi
The view from the other side.
This way!  It’s up the hill….
But honey, look at the beautiful view!
The lodge has a restaurant, tastings, and tours.
Entrance to the lodge & caves.
Look!  John Graham was one of the founders.  My Grandpa was John Graham… we’re probably related! LOL
Even Pres Obama liked it…
On the menu, maiden voyage of the Queen Mary in 1936.
Tasting three of the classics.
View from the tasting room.
Now, to work our way back down the hill.
Look out for the buses!
Still walking…
We’re going to ride the gondolas up THAT hill!
At the top of the gondola ride.
Crossing the top of the bridge.
Worth the views!
On the bridge, looking up river.
At the Palace (Paco Episcopal) where the Bishop of Portugal resides.

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