Amtrak Adventure: Washington DC to Chicago

Heading out from Washington DC’s Union Station in route to Chicago, Illinois. This train configuration is different and we are in cars with seating on the top floor and restrooms downstairs and no wifi on board. BOO! We use this “down-time” to plan ahead and research our future adventures. We brought some salads and noodles on board for dinner. Hot water is free. We like to pack Starbucks Vias and flavored creamer, which we have in the morning with fruit and a bagel.

The sunset is beautiful, but we only had about thirty minutes of daylight after we left DC.  It was nice to see all the people’s homes and city streets we passed along the way decorated in colorful lights. You’ll have to use your imagination though because the pictures didn’t turn out due to glare from our windows. We had a layover in Cleveland, Ohio from about 1 am to 2 am due to a medical emergency. Kirk got off to stretch his legs and found out someone in another car passed away and they removed the body here. My heart goes out to the family.

We had hoped to surprise Andrew and Hannah Ryver at their church. Andrew was part of our Worship Team at First Christian Church in Santa Maria. He took a position at Parkview Church. Well, after a two hour delay, there was no way we could make it. (And, it turns out it was a lot further away than I thought). We just had time to set up out tablet in the Chicago train station and live-stream our church. There was pretty good wifi here in the food court. We had a Chicago Dog and a Diet Coke during the sermon. 😁

After church service was over, we took a taxi to our hotel. The adventures continue!