Como, Italy: Our Home by the Lake

On our day to depart from Milan and move to Como, there was a transportation strike in Milan from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.  So, we had breakfast at the hotel, packed up our gear and chilled.  We headed down to Central Station around 2:15 pm to jump on the train to Como at 3:10 pm.  The train is the fullest we have seen, probably due to the strike.  We enjoy train travel here in Europe.

We arrive in Como and grab a cab to our new home.  Serena, our host, greets us at the door of the apartment building.  She shows us around and gives us tips of places to eat, buy groceries, etc.  The apartment is beautiful and well equipped. We unpack and decide to go check out our neighborhood, grab a bite to eat, and grab stuff for breakfast in the morning.

Our apartment is just a block outside of Como’s old walls, but we are going to save that for tomorrow.  We walk the neighborhoods in our immediate area and see cute shops and cafes all along the way.  It is 7:00 pm now, so restaurants are opening and shops are closing. We stop in to an inviting cafe for pasta and a salad and Kirk sees the Kabob plate. I think he liked it!

Off to buy groceries.  Now that we have figured out Spanish products, we get to start over again in Italian…lol!  We are becoming International shopping experts!

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