Malaga, Spain: Our Home in Andalusia

Hurricane Ophelia has moved up the Iberian Peninsula and brought rain to the entire region.  It is moving day, 7:00 am, dark and pouring rain outside, so we hailed a cab to take us directly to the train station.  That was the best 7.00 euros we’ve spent so far!  We took a high speed train from Madrid to Malaga, Spain.  The roughly 300 mile trip took a meer 2 hours and 20 minutes, seeing speeds of up to 183 mph. When you are watching the landscape fly by at those speeds, it is quite impressive!  
Our train pulled in to the Maria Zambrosa Station in Malaga and we grabbed a coffee and a quick bite before heading to meet Carmen, our host, and move in to our new home.  It begins to rain, so we jumped in a cab again and we’re off.  We pass the water front where cruise ships dock, a beautiful park and we can see the beach area as we turn inland.  Our home in Malaga is a distance from the tourist area, allowing us a better opportunity to experience living as a local.  

Carmen greets us at the door.  She lives on the ground level and we will be up on the third floor of the building.  Our apartment has stairs up to a fourth floor private terrace and laundry room.  Carmen gives us a tour and has printed out a map to show us where to buy groceries, where to catch a bus, etc.  We are literally next door to the Santuario de la Virgen de la Victoria church, where Carmen is getting married in three weeks!  It has rained most of the day, but clears up long enough to pop over to the supermarket and pick up some supplies for the week.  We are using our time today to plan and catch up on some blogging.  

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