Lisbon, Portugal: Our Home in the Alfama District

After doing some research, Kirk & I agreed that we wanted to spend our time in the Alfama District, which is the oldest part of Lisbon.  We also agreed that it would be fun to be in a neighborhood with the local residents, rather than in a hotel in a tourist area.  We found our spot on AirBnB, so nestled into the Alfama side-streets that even the taxi drivers did not know where it was and directions were provided by our host based on “down the alley by this restaurant”…

Once we figured out where we were, Isabel, a lovely lady, let us in to the building and showed us around our apartment – up four flights of stairs.  It was a two-story apartment with kitchen, living room, and full bath downstairs and bedroom with a halfbath upstairs, including beautiful views looking out to the harbor from our terrace.

There are narrow, cobblestone streets and the famous 28 Trolly rattles by just feet from the entrance to our home.  There are several little neighborhood restaurants and markets.  In fact, it seems typical that all the neighborhoods are mix-use, with businesses on the street level with apartments above.  In any Alfama neighborhood, you are likely to find anything you might need from fresh breads, pastries, fruits and meats, to gifts, to clothing, to spirits.  There are larger stores located off larger squares throughout as well.  There are squares with fountains, statues or gardens dotted throughout the maze of winding cobblestone streets AND I don’t think we walked a block anywhere there was not at least one or two churches – most were spectacular and dating back hundreds of years.

I was glad that Kirk and I built up our leg muscles in Porto so we were up to the challenges of the Alfama streets.  What a picturesque area!

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